Complementary & alternative medicine is “medicine that studies all traditional medicine and folk remedies other than orthodox western medicine” CHA university is the only one in the world with a master’s degree and doctoral degree in integrated medicine, and it carries out all the comprehensive and organic functions of education-research-medical care, including the integrated medical treatment center where specialists directly participate. The graduate school of integrated medicine offers a wide range of research ideas by actively participating in the global trend of integrated medical research, nurturing a wide range of medical professionals who understand medicine outside of their fields, introducing various therapies with different approaches and combining and complementing western, eastern and alternative medicine, we are contributing to the development of medicine by creating one-dimensional high-level medicine.

Major in integrative medicine

Integrative medicine
Integrative medicine is ‘medicine that is based on scientific modern medicine and studies how to combine with all other traditional and folk medicine’. CHA university operates the only integrated master’s course in the world and performs all of the comprehensive and organic functions of teaching and research.

Major in complementary and alternative medicine

Complementary and alternative medicine
We offer a wide range of specialized education to non-clinical people by professionally studying CAM, providing objective and academic grounds, contributing to global medical development and safely using CAM.

Major in food therapy

Food therapy
Experts say that there will come a time when it won’t be awkward for food to be prescribed for the treatment of almost all diseases, as well as diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia. Therefore, research and technology for food treatment are required in various fields. However, doctors, good at medicine, don’t know the food, and the chefs who know about the food don’t know exactly what kind of action produce the disease. Of course, their unique roles are important, but all of this is the basis for a broad range of approaches to different areas of study and complementing each other, it could provide a higher level of healthcare services. In the food therapy major(master’s course), we have designed an educational program that combines medicine, nutrition, and cooking for food treatment. The food therapy major(master’s course) is a clinical food therapy course that aims to educate people interested in food treatment systematically about food prescription methods need for health promotion and disease treatment, focusing on scientific data.

Major in medical wellness/spa

Medical wellness/Spa
This course focuses on the treatment of medical wellness and spa based on medical evidence covering medicine(basic medicine, clinical medicine), muscle skeletal functional medicine technique, holistic therapy, medical wellness and spa industry management, it’s the process of developing and cultivating administration and management as a medical wellness and spa specialist.

Major in postural correction

Postural correction
It’s a therapeutic field that is recommended to solve the problem by grafting pilates, chiropratic, etc. for modernized people who need active health care, including spine correction, foot correction, and skull correction. Graduates study functional anatomy and nervous system with systematically training deeply, they would be orthopedic correction specialists with practical application in this field.