We will nurture an integrative medical professional
with a new program that is completely different.

In 2001, the graduate school of integrative medicine at CHA University was the first in Korea, and has celebrated its 15th anniversary this year. In the past, complementary and alternative medicine(CAM) has played a supporting role as a complementary or alternative therapy to traditional medicine, but has shown many changes within time. It has been recognized as the new field to enhance the natural healing power by increasing immunity and supplementation of energy and also by identifying the causes of diseases which traditional medicine could not solve. It also focuses on the prevention of disease by looking for abnormalities before it occurs and to help natural healing power after disease occurrence. Since March, 2015, CHA University has expanded the curriculum to integrate functional medicine with functional medicine so that various fields can be educated.

In addition to natural medicine, homeopathic medicine, homeopathy, body care, jaw joint therapy, food therapy and medical spa, which have been studied so far, functional medicine, food nutrition, herbal medicine, water and health, hydrotherapy, cell therapy, genetic diagnosis, and anti-aging beauty have been added.

The goal is to strengthen practical training so one may act as an expert in the chosen area as an integrated medical doctor or as a functional specialist after completing all the courses. Since Chaum center belongs to the Cha hospital group, the integrated functional medical care center will be opened and operated from 2015.

The graduate school of integrative medicine at CHA University promises to systematize integrated functional medicine and to do its best to educate experts. Thank you.

Dean of graduate school of integrative medicine Byung Sun Kong